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Massage Therapy
Benefits of Massage 
Neuromuscular Therapy

This is a method for erasing trigger points by deep tissue massage.  Considerable manual skill is required, and the procedure is much more time consuming than typical physical therapy techniques.  Trigger points are palpable, tender zones in tight bands within muscles.  Their electrical activity is abnormal.  Trigger points cause referred pain, stiffness, weakness, and sometimes circulatory disturbances.  They are cause by acute or chronic trauma, or may be secondary to other conditions including arthritis, radiculopathy, or fibromyalgia.
Low-Energy Laser

Red laser light penetrates deeply into tissues and selectively stimulates mitochondrial activity and accelerates healing.  This may explain its prolonged analgesic effect in many painful conditions, both of muscles and of joints.  Effects commonly last for some months after one set of treatments.
Intense Cryotherapy

Rapid cooling of dysfunctional musculoskeletal tissue causes intense reactive hyperemia as the tissues rewarm afterwards.  During these changes, manual techniques for tissue mobilization (kinesotherapy) are unusually effective.  The skilled combination of cryotherapy with kinesotherapy can be surprisingly effective in re-mobilizing joints and muscles that have stiffened due to arthritis or other conditions.
massage benefits the circulatory system  

  • helps developing a stronger heart
  • Improves oxygen supply to your cells
  • increases supply of nutrients to cells
  • eliminates a metabolic waste

massage benefits the digestive system

  • relaxes abdominal and intestinal muscles
  • relives tension
  • stimulates activity of liver and kidneys
  • eliminates waste material

massage benefits the muscular system

  • relaxes or stimulates muscles
  • reduces fibrosis and adhesions in muscles and connective tissue
  • helps keeping muscles flexible and pliable
  • relives soreness, tension, and stiffness

massage benefits the nervous system

  • stimulates motor nerve points
  • relieves restlessness and insomnia
  • promotes a sense of well-being
  • relieves pain

massage benefits the respiratory system 

  • develops respiratory muscles
  • assists in proper breathing

massage benefits the lymph system

  • increases circulation of lymph
  • cleanse the body of metabolic waste

massage benefits the integumentary system

  • stimulates blood to better nourish skin
  • improves tone and elasticity of skin
  • helps normalizing glandular functions

massage benefits the skeletal system

  • improves body alignment
  • relieves stiff joints

What is different about sports massage?
Sports massage is a little more gentle massaging muscles and more for superficial relief.  Deep tissue works deep down to release tight muscles that you may not be ab What le to loosen up with typical stretching.  A sports massage is more athletes oriented, focusing on areas that influence fitness performance. The therapist will be stretching the sport specific muscles and focusing on things that hurt and get tight from the sports we do.